About Us

Modus Operandi is an independent institute founded in 2006.  The institute carries out research, teaching and organises debates on conflict transformation and political transition.

The main approaches that inspire Modus Operandi's analysis are political sociology and anthropology as well as conflict analysis. Its work focuses on three themes within the context of post-conflict and post-Soviet countries.  These themes are: state dynamics, political legitimacy and business and conflict. Geographical areas of focus within this work are Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa; post-Soviet Central Asia and Afghanistan. 

Modus Operandi receives funding from the Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer and local funds from Région Rhône-Alpes. Funding is also received on project by project basis, as well as for courses taught.

Who we are

Nathalie Cooren (Coordinator)

 Of French nationality, Nathalie COOREN lived for six years in Argentina (Buenos Aires) before returning to France to complete her studies.

She holds a Masters in European Law from the University of Paris II, and a Bachelors in Conflict Resolution from the Catholic Institute of Paris, she worked as an intern for six-months at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department of South America, as well as for the Ambassador for Human Rights, Mr. Michel Doucin.

Upon completing her studies, she accepted a position at the Irenees Institute of Resources for Peace in Paris where she currently, as part of her many responsibilities, manages the resource website [irenees.net->www.irenees.net/en/index.html] and participates in the organization of the various Peace Workshops, which are part of the long-term goal of the creation of an Alliance of Artisans of Peace.

Email: nathalie@modop.org

Claske Dijkema (Coordinator)

Claske's academic background lies in sociology (University of Amsterdam) and peace and conflict studies (University of California, Berkeley). Her professional experience started at the “African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes” (ACCORD), a training and research centre on conflict resolution in Africa. Of Dutch origin, she has worked with the Network University (www.netuni.nl) in Amsterdam, developing online courses around the subject of the transformation of conflicts and aimed at a global audience.  She also has experience in CSR issues stemming from her role as program manager at the "Robin Good", a Dutch company that creates links between business and social projects.
Email: claske@modop.org

Karine Gatelier (Coordinator)

Karine holds a doctorate in Social Anthropology (EHESS, Paris) and  has conducted research in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kirghizstan (1998-2002). Her focus is centered on collective identities and the relations between minorities and the majority within the Uzbek society. Before this she completed her studies in international relations (INALCO, Paris) and languages (English, Russian, and Persian).
Today she works on the political transformation of conflicts emerging from crisis; the dynamics of the breakdown of states; as well as the experiences and future prospects of state reorganisation in the regions of Central Asia (the post-Soviet regions and Afghanistan). She particularly focusses on dynamics of identity; loyalty and political legitimacy; and strategies of legitimization in authoritarian regimes, including the management of revenues from natural resources.

Email: karine@modop.org




President: Arnaud Blin

Secretary: Raffi Duymedjian

Treasurer: Vincent Calame